B&T Brace Telescopic for HK SP5

BT-200601 - B&T Brace Telescopic for HK SP5 (US Version)

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B&T Brace Telescopic for HK SP5 (US Version)

-Length adjustable in 5 positions

-Includes elastomer buffer


*For cancellations or returns please see TERMS AND CONDITIONS*

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  • Description

    B&T Brace Telescopic for HK SP5 (US Version)

    -Length adjustable in 5 positions

    -Includes elastomer buffer


    *For cancellations or returns please see TERMS AND CONDITIONS*

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    Dario Alejandro

    Telescopic brace

    Initial thoughts; pros / cons Pros: Very well made Sturdy Compact Does everything I need it to. Went on my sp5 without a hitch Cons: The only thing I honestly have to say is I wish the telescoping arms collapsed into the grooves of the platform. Instead they hover just over. In conclusion though it’s not that big of a deal because you don’t have to worry about it scratching in undesired areas. So with all that being said, yes I’d recommend if you want a well made compact brace option.
    Mark D Johnson

    Great Brace!!!

    I first tried a SB Tactical collapsible brace for my SP5 but wanted something better. I decided to buy the BT-200601 and am very happy with my purchase. I would highly recommend this brace!!!
    Michael Sarenas

    B&T Telescopic Brace for SP5

    Best brace you can get for your MP5 !!!
    Nate T

    Nearly Perfect - First Impreasions

    First off, let me say that shipping was amazing. I ordered it on Friday and it arrived on Saturday. First impressions- this brace isn’t the finely machines ball bearing illusion that you expect to get from B&T. It’s not even as finely tuned as the APC brace that they sell. The best one word I can use to describe it is floppy. When the brace is collapsed it’s floppy, it wiggles and isn’t stable. This is not the case when it’s fully extended but for the price and the name, I want perfection. This is my first non-perfect experience with B&T and I hope it’s the last.

    totally not a stock

    Guys (and girls and purple penguins) let me be perfectly clear, this is totally NOT a stock. It doesn't even look like a stock! What kind of stock costs nearly 500 dollars? EXACTLY! I'm 8'11 with a 10 foot wingspan, so the telescoping feature really helps to accommodate my rather lengthy wrists. When I want to brandish my SP5s akimbo at the gun range to impress the lady working behind the counter with pinpoint sub-MOA accuracy, I look ONLY to my B&T braces! Fantastic! A+
    Malcolm Rae


    Perfect fit for my new SP5. No Adjustments necessary. Tailhook Mod1C brace also slipped on easily. Would buy it again.

    B&T Telescopic Brace Mount for H&K

    I was impressed with the fit and finish of my brace mount. It fit right on to my new H&K SP5. I attached a Tailhook arm brace and the entire setup only took minutes and works smoothly. I very much like my B&T brace mount. It does not rub on the receiver at all and is very stable. I hope that B&T will offer a butt plate to attach to this for those who get their paperwork approved which would allow converting an arm brace to a conventional, telescopic stock.

    Solid Brace

    Great design and solid brace, the sliding rails could be smoother like on the APC9. Overall love the look and feel of the brace. Over engineered like everything from Swiss and German :) Picture on my SP5: https://imgur.com/5PM1zzj
    Jess R Johnson


    This is a very high quality product

    The Best Option

    Fits the SP5 absolutely perfectly right out of the box. Ingenious design for the collapsing rails ensures you won't get any scratches or wear in the channels of your receiver unlike other collapsing braces with MAJOR fitment issues. I learned that the hard way. I wish this was released sooner!