BT-231396  Jet Funnel

BT-231396 - Jet Funnel

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This only fits a B&T lower.

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    This only fits a B&T lower.

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    David Castle

    Review of Jet Funnel

    The jet funnel worked as stated. It appeares to be constructed of quality materials and has an excellent fit. I highly recommend the product
    Jason S.

    BT-231396 - JET FUNNEL

    Great product, really makes mag changes fast. The product is plastic. .
    Dale Le

    B&t ghm9 compact

    Good quality. Fits on my B&T ghm9 compact perfectly. Does help with the loading a new magazine. Upgrading the looks on my B&T ghm9 compact looks.
    Jerome Fourmann

    Jet Funnel

    Excellent polymer finish without sharp edges. Perfect fit on ACP9 Pro.
    Ron Shelton

    Jet funnel application

    The jet funnel fills the gap that B & T either didn’t feel was needed or was an omission during the engineering phase when designing the mold for the lower receiver. Maybe the Swiss don’t think flared mag wells work? My APC 9 Pro is the latest version and the lower came with a predrilled hole on the bottom of the receiver just in front of the mag well ( muzzle end ).The funnel is held in place by a set screw that will fit into the predrilled hole in the receiver. Also, the mag well lip on the receiver acts as a alignment rail for the jet funnel and helps to hold the funnels sides in place. I would have given the funnel 5 stars. except for the 1/32+-“ lip left exposed on the receivers mag well opening.. The jet funnel is made from plastic or polymer type material. and was easy to install.
    Peter Fong

    Good Fitment and design BUT!!

    Good fitment and function POV, BUT the material used is shiny plastic, look cheap next to the nice matte polymer lower. For this price point expect B&T to offer this mag well in same polymer as the lower.